Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home

Launched by The Compliance Team in June 2018, Patient-Centered Pharmacy Home (PCPH) accreditation focuses on advanced pharmacy practices dealing with chronically ill patients and emphasizes three goals:

  • Reduce the number of ER visits and hospital re-admissions of problematic patients
  • Lessen the workload of prescribers
  • Increase a pharmacy’s prescription business via collaborative agreements with prescribers

The PCPH standards emphasize improved patient medication management and care planning through better coordination between a patient’s pharmacy and prescribing professionals.

Kinney Drugs, a 114-year-old, employee owned drug store chain in Gouverneur, New York, was the first to receive Exemplary Provider status for The Compliance Team’s PCPH.

Sandy Canally, found and CEO of The Compliance Team expressed appreciation for Kinney’s commitment to quality, “We are thrilled with Kinney’s focus on achieving better outcomes. Their intense commitment to our Pharmacy Home program underscores their dedication to their community and their patients. Over the years, we have noticed a need for better communication and coordination regarding medication management. This new accreditation track provides the framework by which a pharmacy organization can better engage with their chronic care patients. Better outcomes are driven through requiring additional Rx care planning, focused follow-up visits, and establishing collaborative agreements with the patient’s prescribers.”

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